L’UTMA, une nouvelle course partenaire avec Kinetik

UTMA, a new partner race with Kinetik

UTMA, a race organized by runners for runners!

And here is the third edition of a race which wishes to become an essential stage of the sporting life of Finistère. Please note: new date, new distances and the arrival of a relay race at the rendezvous of the 2023 formula! Last novelty: the UTMA becomes a support for the Finistère long trail championship!

This adventure, we dreamed it up and built it for the runners, with the aim of making them discover the unique landscapes of the Monts d'Arrée, while respecting their beauty and their fragility. The fires of summer 2022 marked this nature with its unique characteristics, so we brought forward the date and adapted our routes, aware of the role we have to play in its preservation. To better meet the expectations of runners at this time of the sports season, we have also reduced the distances. But beware… the UTMA 2023 will indeed be a dense and demanding race, with an elevation gain of 2300 D+ over a distance of 65 km. The shorter version of the Tour du Mont, over 35 km and 1100 D+, will offer competitors a concentrate of landscapes and atmosphere of the Monts d'Arrée. Finally, the novelty in relay will make it possible to offer nice sports memories of the heart of Brittany to two.

Our race was able to see the light of day, and continue, thanks to the incredible involvement of our generous volunteers (220 for the 2022 edition) and local associations, which we will continue to support financially (€5,360 donated in 2022).

We also want it to be an opportunity for runners and their companions to spend an unforgettable day or weekend in this magical territory of inland Brittany.

Kinetik Adrenalink is very attached to its Breton origins,

We are happy to become an official partner of UTMA with an incredible team and site.

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